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July 2017



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dear son

[ER] - Dear Son - Letter 3


Dear Gabriel,

Today has been a great day for our family. You learnt something and this means you’re growing well. Luckily.


So, I was changing your diaper and I was chattering with you. Ok, I was using one of those childish voices adults tend to use while speaking to babies. I know it’s creepy, a 6 feet and 4 inches tall man talking like a two-year-old child, but I couldn’t help it.


We were having our little talk and you were looking at me. I fixed my eyes into your big blue-green ones and it happened. Our hearts connected and I saw recognition into your sight. I wasn’t anymore a blurry image to you. I held my breath, while your face lit up, your eyes became softer and your lips curved a little. Just a little, but I saw it: That was your first smile.


I can’t still believe it. It lasted few seconds only, but it was perfect. You were staring at me, knowing I’m your father, and you smiled. You smiled at me! At me, can you understand the importance of your deed? Of course you can’t, I know I’m asking too much, but this has been one of the most amazing day of my life.


It’s not a little insignificant thing, I don’t want you to think it is. Try to follow me: I made you laugh, I made you happy, for a second, ok, but I’m still able to make my child happy. You know what? I was really scared I’d cause you only pain and worry, but maybe there’s hope, Gabriel, maybe there’s still hope left. Just go on smiling at me that way.


And I should admit I’m very proud of myself. Dad and his little smiling baby. We’re a great pair, aren’t we? I can’t wait to see what life has in store for you. First word, first steps, I’ll be there with you. And I might add something about this subject. You mom is happy too, she’s glad you’re ok; I know she’s still a little worried about your health. But I think she’s a little disappointed. She surely wanted to be the first witness of your first smile. So Gabriel, let’s make a deal. Your mom, she’s an amazing woman, she is really, and she has already had her part of sadness. Let your first word be something like “Mumurum” or “Mumun” or something similar. She needs and deserves it. You’re still too young to understand but I can assure that being called “Dad” or “Mom” for the first time is something that makes you feel the strongest person on earth. Trust me, ok? I know you’re not going to deceive me, you’re a good boy I can see it. Our little God hero.


And, obviously, I’m proud of you, too. Maybe a little smile seems nothing to you, if you compare it to the numerous things you still have to learn, but you’re wrong. You don’t know yet the inner power a genuine smile can have.


I hope a radiant smile will be the way you’ll use to introduce yourself to the world and the thing you’ll use to face life problems. And don’t worry: I’ll be there to help you with that. You can always count on your old dad: I’m your eternal ally.


I love you, baby.

Your Tata


Ma che dolce Luka. Me lo immagino mentre fa quella vocina irritante e dice cose insensate tipo "Baburibidi, baburibid" eccetera eccetera. PErò bello coem sia praticamente rincoglionito dalla paternità. Certo un po' di angst in una tua ff su Luka riesce sempre a trovare la luce anche nei momenti allegri, vero?
Nel mio dizionario, accanto alla parola "angst" c'è una foto di Luka...