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December 2018



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dear son

[ER] - Dear Son - Letter 2

Buona lettura!



Dear Gabriel,
(seen? A lot of progresses in the naming department)... welcome home!

This place will be the first place ever you’ll love and I hope the simply idea of your house will warm and support you during bad moments. Here, you’ll find your room, your toys, your clothes and your heart too. This place will never change and you’ll be forever able to find in here parts of your soul you thought they went missing. Your home.

And now: Gabriel. I hope you like the name we picked up for you. It hasn’t been any simple. I’d like you to have something more Croatian but your mother insisted you would need something she was able to pronounce at least... and so... And she made a point (as you will see, she makes a lot of points with me. How can I resist her puppy eyes?): You’ll have already to deal with Kovac... so, Gabriel, it’s not a very common name and I’m glad. Your grandmother uses already Gabe. I don’t think I’m going to use it; don’t be disappointed, it’s a beautiful nickname but I love the sound of your full name. Gabriel. Try to listen well. It runs on your tongue like a wave on the beach. Ok, I’ll stop with poetical images, though you’ll need them when you’ll have your first girlfriends. But I know it’s too soon to speak about it.

I read in the name book: Gabriel, God hero. You see now why we chose it? God hero. And you are of course a God hero. You’ve been so strong and determined. And I hope you have savings for that strength. I’ll give you the most peaceful life I’ll able to, but you’ll have sad and bad moments anyway, so you’ll need all your strength to overcome them. Oh, yes, I almost forgot, Gabriel was the archangel who told Saint Mary she was going to be Jesus’ mother. More and more biblical, eh? Ok, I was raised Catholic, and then? Don’t look at me that way, I’m your father and you have to behave with me. I’m not going to be one of those dads who let their children do whatever they want to, I’m still from old school, you know? You’re going to be loved and you’re going to have all the happiness you deserve but don’t play tricks with me, ok? If you’re looking for a too permissive father, or mother, I guess, maybe you should change family.

Are you scared now? Don’t be, please, there’s no need. I said don’t be scared, why are you crying now? Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to... ah, I got it: nursing time.

I don’t want to spoil this amazing moment with your mom but I can’t help staring at the two of you. Never seen anyone with such adoration eyes. You’re really in love with each other, aren’t you? Ok, maybe I’m a little jealous but I love you both anyway, anywhere, anyhow. You’re really hungry, aren’t you? That’s good, it’s a very good sign. You have to gain weight.

I’m in awe, you’re the most incredible thing in all my life.

I let you enjoy your meal. I’ll come back later.

I love you, baby.
Your Tata

Meglio di Joe, vero?


Al fin siam giunti al nome... Gabriel è molto meglio di Joe (ma questo è ovvio persino Mongo è meglio di Joe!)
Mi piace molto l'idea di descrivere ciò che avviene tramite lettera, è così romantico e poetico... Forse mi piace proprio perché quasi nessuno scrive più lettere (tranne l'università per comunicare i pagamenti...)