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December 2018



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dear son

[ER] Dear Son - Letter 1

Titolo: Dear Son
Fandom: ER Medici in prima linea
Personaggi principali: Luka e suo figlio
Rating: verde
Set in time: Inizio stagione 13; ovvero il bimbo è appena nato ed è in incubatrice
Note: AU; Fiction in inglese; long-fic
Disclaimer: Quel bel ragazzone di Luka e suo figlio non mi appartengono. Nemmeno Abby è mia. Se così fosse il bambino non avrebbe mai avuto il nome che il gruppo di sceneggiatori gli ha messo... suvvia, un episodio di ER viene scritto da 10/15 persone e tutto ciò a cui hanno pensato è... Joe? Ah certo, niente soldini nelle mie tasche con questa "opera"

A Joe Kovac, perchè un qualunque destino ti avrebbe potuto regalare nome migliore.

Let's start, folks!


Dear Son,

I’m sitting there still, just enjoying the sight of you. You aren’t moving, except for the slight movements of your eyelids (dreaming maybe? I hope so) and so I don’t move. I’d like to think that we’re on the same wave length this way.

All I can say is that you’re beautiful. Of course you are, you’re like your mother, really really beautiful and don’t let those terrible tubes you’re feeling on your thin body scare you, doctors will take them away soon.

You shift and now you’re facing me. Perfect. If you saw me: I can’t stop crying like an old man. It’s only that I love you so much and I’m so happy to have you. You’re my little man, and I’ve waited for too long to feel this wholeness again.

Everyone is glad you are there. Your grandfather is projecting his first plane trip only to meet you. It’s incredible, isn’t it? Your grandmother is already there; now she is at her hotel room, resting I suppose. You know, long bus ride, worry for you and for your mother. She must be really knocked out. Your mother’s sleeping too. I know you can already remember her. And how could you not? Her sweet smile is a gift to the world. You’ll learn to love it the way I love it. And then I should say something. Your mother and I, yes, we have a kind of a weird relationship, not well defined yet, but there’s one thing I’m sure: we love each other. I swear to you we really do. More than words can ever explain. I guess that’s the point: Love. And maybe you’ll see strange things in your future, but never doubt it, I’m warning you: I love her, she loves me and we both love you. Things are not going to change, ok?

Last thing: naming. You certainly notice we still haven’t named you. All doctors told us to choose something to help you trough these first rough days, something that mirrors you. I’ve tried and the only names which have come to my mind have been things as Perfection, Beauty... what? I know, they’re not real names, I’m not nuts, giving you a school life full of kidding, but we couldn’t choose a name at the moment. So I hope you can be happy and strong even if we’ll call you simply “our son”. Only two words, but they are full of all our endless love.

I love you, baby.
Your Tata



Ed ecco un dolce benvenuto al piccolo Mongo(dato che è ancora senza nome lo chiamerò così) da parte di Luka... che carina l'immagine di loro due insieme. A quanto pare ci aspetta un'altra bellissima storia delle tue!
Thanks darling.
Mi sostieni sempre... *me commossa e felice*