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[ER] Hostage - Chapter 7: Aftermath

Amici! Ecco l'ultimo capitolo di Hostage. Non siete felicissimi? (Io mi illudo sempre di avere più di due lettrici, che, comunque, ringrazio con tutto il mio cuoricino)
Notina a margine: l'ultimo capitolo è stato scritto dopo che la puntata è andata in onda in America. Mi pareva giusto specificarlo.

She can’t help but look at him. Eyes closed, light breath, pale skin and dark shadows under his eyes. Not a very charming image but she has never found him more beautiful. She strokes his cheek tenderly, a soft smile on her face.

Everything is going to be okay. They’re together again.

A door opens.

Ray steps inside, a set of films in his hands: “No broken bones, only a bruised temple. Though it’s going to hurt like hell”

"And his wrists?"

"They'll be sore for a while, and his fingers may cause him a little trouble, but he'll be okay soon"

Abby glances at the purple marks escaping the white bandages on Luka's wrist. She shivers lightly.

"You can take him home, now"

She looks at Ray, relieved. "He'll be happy to know. He was hoping to be home soon to see Joe"

Ray walks towards the door. Abby's voice stops him: "Thanks, Ray"

"No problem. Go home, now"

She sighs, feeling the tiredeness takin toll of her body. What a long evening. She bends forward, whispering in Luka's ear: "Wake up... we're going home"

Luka blinks, trying to adjust his eyes to the white light: "What?"

"Ray has just cleared you. We're free to leave"


She grins, enjoying lovingly his drowsiness. "Yes. Let me help you with your coat"

Luka's eyes follow carefully Abby's movements. She helps him then stops. She stares at him.

Her eyes are wet: "I was so scared"

"I know. I was too. Though I was glad you and Joe were safe"

"I couldn't lose you", her voice is low, filled with a deep emotion.

"You didn't lose me, you won't lose me"

"Is this a promise?", she's struggling to mantain the control, she doesn't want him to see her crying.

"It sounds more like a threaten, to me"

She leans forward, touching his forehead with hers. She's smiling a little now. "Let me be the one who has the power to decide, ok?"

He grins back, still a little uncertain: "Ok, but you have been told"

They fall silent, still staring into each other's eyes.

The door is opened again. Malik is pushing a wheelchair.

Luka sees it and moans slightly, disappointed.

"C'mon Doc, you know the rules"

Luka sighs while Abby is thanking Malik.

"This won't be so terrible. Just sit and in no time we'll be out of there"

"Ok, ok... I only hate all of this"

"I know"

The medical staff is waiting for them at the Admin Desk. Luka greets them, smiling uncomfortably.

"Good luck, dr Kovac. Rest and enjoy your private doctor", Morris blinks at him suggestively.

"Ah ah, thanks Morris", Luka yawns tiredly.

"Ok, folks, thank you. Now we're going home"

The air is cold. It hits his face making him feel more awake.

Ames's gone. He shudders.

"Are you cold?"

"No... I was thinking at him"

She stops pushing and steps in front of him. She kneels and looks him in the eye: "It's over now. He can't hurt you... us... anymore"

"He was right... I missed the murmur", he's looking down, feeling guilty.

"This didn't give him the right to do what he did. At the end he chose for himself, didn't he?"

He sighs, unconvinced.

"Luka, please, don't blame yourself. You did your best, you tried to save him. Maybe you were wrong, but it wasn't intentional. Luka... look at me. I'm here, and I'm safe. At home, there's our boy waiting for you. Tonight you made the right decision. And it is all that counts to me"

He raises his eyes and looks at her. Her eyes are shining. She believes in what she said, she does believe. He bends a little, just to brush his lips against hers. "Thank you"

"You're welcome"

She helps him in the car.

"I'll take the wheelchair inside, and then we can go home. Just hold a sec"

He stares at her silhouette, studying every her single move. Just before entering the ER she turns back, searching for him. Their eyes meet and she smiles soflty.

That smile. He loves it. Just a second and they'll go home. Home.

Soddisfatti? Mi odiate ancora? 

Tags: character: abby lockhart, character: luka kovac, fandom: er, in english please, long fic, long fic: hostage, pairing: luby
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