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December 2018



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[ER] - Her Hero

TITOLO: Her Hero
FANDOM: ER Medici in prima linea
PERSONAGGI: Luka Kovac/Abby Lockhart
SET IN TIME: Episodio 14x04: Gravity. Per intenderci, quello in cui Joe si fa male.
NOTE: What If?; One-Shot; fiction in inglese; le parti in corsivetto tra asterischi sono flash-backs.
NOTE ALLA MIA PAZZIA: Ogni tanto uno si sveglia e sente il bisogno di cose belle e dolci. Ha la necessità di credere che qualcuno possa sbucare fuori al momento giusto per sistemare le cose. Sì, pure io a volte ho bisogno di un lieto fine.
DISCLAIMER: La meravigliosa coppia non è mia. Così come non lo sono tutti quelli che fanno loro da contorno. Peccato... chiaramente, no money for me.

If Abby could choose a word describing the whole day she would pick up blur.
From the start with the sitter who was late again, to the almost end with Joe sleeping in her arms spotting a horrible bandage on his forehead. A blur. She closes her eyes, breathing quietly. He’s sleeping now. Her hero.

“Take care, Abby, and if you need something, please phone me”
“Thanks, Sam, but I think we’ll be ok”
“Abby, wait!”
“Are you sure you don’t want me to come over? I can sleep on the couch, we can talk, you don’t have to be alone”
“No, Neela, you’re very kind, but…”
“Hasn’t he called yet?”
She shakes her head.
“Maybe it’s why you can’t use cells on planes”, Neela is smiling eyeing the admit desk.
Abby turns her head. There he is, tired, disheleveled, but it’s him.

She shifts, moving closer to him. He’s warm and he smells good.

She smiles, surprised, almost shocked. How can he be there in front of her?
Luka is moving towards them, studying her and Joe. He pales when he sees the bandage, walking faster at the same time.
“What’s happened?”
“Nothing. He fell at the park, but he’ll be ok”

She grimaces briefly remembering how bold she acted. She was still scared, but she didn’t want him (or the hospital) to notice. In his sleep Luka tightens his grip on her hips, she snuggles even closer.

“The tac result? How many stitches did he need? Was he scared? Of course he was…”
“Luka, calm down. Tac was clear, five stitches and like you said he was scared, but now he’s quiet. Could we please go home, now?”
The exhaustion is starting to take its toll. And she wants to stay alone with her husband, it’s her right after all.
“Ok, I’m sorry. Give me the keys, I’ll drive”
The ride home is silent. Abby is seated next to Joe’s car seat, holding his hand. She can’t let him go.

She thinks how much she loves her child. He’s the most meaningful thing in her world and she’s determined to struggle against everything to protect him.

“Is he still asleep?”
“Yeah…”, she flops next to him on the couch.
“Wanna eat something? I can see what we have…”
“No, I’m not hungry. Perfect timing, you know…”
“I was dying without you two. And my father is feeling a little better, so…”
“Oh god…”, she’s disappointed.
“Your father. You have been here for, I don’t know, two or three hours and I haven’t asked anything about him. I’m sorry”, she reaches for his hand.
“It’s not a problem, you were worried for Joe…”
She looks at him for a while. Then she smiles warmly:
“Welcome home, Luka”, she bends to kiss him.
“I’m glad to be home. I’m so glad…”, he breathes slowly, closing his eyes.
“Yeah… But I guess you’re more tired than me. You’ve been alone with Joe for long, no one there to take care of you, so… you deserve a hot bath”
She gives him a smile of hers: “We can share…”
“You’re very generous”
“I know”
He stands and heads for the stairs. While reaching for the banister he turns to her: “I’m sorry you’ve been alone, I’m sorry you had to face Joe’s accident without me. I promised I would be there and then I left. You surely weren’t expecting something like this from your husband and…”
“Luka, stop! I know you’re sorry. But now you’re here and that’s all that matters. I…”, his eyes are full of sorrow and gulit so she summons her courage, “… was scared. When we talked on the phone you seemed distant, almost happy without me, and… you didn’t seem to understand my loneliness. But now…”, she smiles, “… it still seems we can always find each other. And I’m sorry, too. It must be terrible seeing your father suffer. I know it is. I shouldn’t have thought what I thought”
He smiles back, his eyes no more clouded.
“I’m starting the bath. In the meantime you stay here on the couch relaxing, ok?”
“Perfect plan”
“I missed you so much. Don’t ever doubt it”, and then he goes upstairs.

“Me too, Luka”, whispers she in the dark of their bedroom.
She doesn’t know how much time Luka will be there, if he needs to go in Croatia again, but, at the moment, she doesn’t care. She follows the curve of his nose with her finger, trying not to wake him up.
“I love you, I really do. You’re my super hero, and you do make me sway like a teenager at her first crush”
He smiles lightly, even if still asleep. She blushes. It’s personal, it’s intimate, it’s sort of out-of-character for her but no one is listening, so there will be no problems.


Il bello delle what if? è che le cose possono magicamente diventare belle e rassicuranti.
Sarebbe dovuta andare così e questa è giustizia.
Ah, se fosse andata così quanti mal di stomaco in meno... ma Zabel non mi ha voluto ascoltare!