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[ER] Hostage - Chapter 6: Abby

Ri-buona Pasqua a todos!

She’s staring at the closed door. The policeman next to her is still shouting in the bullhorn. She’s not listening to him, she’s too focused on the door.

She isn’t noticing the crowd of people approaching the scene, she isn’t seeing the ambulance or the blinking lights. She can only see the door. Behind that door there is Luka and she’s ready to give her life in order to see him  safe.

The policeman goes on with his speech. There’s a woman near him now. Abby is told she’s Sandra, Ames’s ex-wife. Sandra takes the bullhorn.

“Curtis, it’s me, Sandra. Can you hear me? They said you took a man… the doctor who cured you  years ago. Curtis, please, let him free. He’s not the cause of our divorce. I stopped loving you before your accident and…”

“Wonderful… making him angrier can surely save Luka”

“Miss, I think we should let Miss Thompson give a try”

“She’s upsetting him more and more! This man has a gun, he’s in an isolated room alone with my boyfriend, and he thinks Luka is the responsible of all his misfortune! How can you say to me to let her give a try?”

“Should I go on?”

“Yes, miss Thompson, go on for a while”

Abby sighs, discomforted. She passes a hand on her eyes. Sandra goes on speaking but the whole house seems dead. She thinks at Luka, his cute smile, his deep voice, the first time she met him. How could she be supposed to spend her life without him?

She approaches Sandra and steals the bullhorn. It’s cold and a little heavy.

She takes a deep breath:

“Luka, it’s me. I don’t know if you can hear me, but I hope so. I really hope so. Listen… you know, I’m not the person who’s used to speak about feelings, but… Luka… I’m not angry at you, I need you to know that. I’m fine and Joe’s fine too, don’t worry. You did nothing wrong, ok?”, her voice starts to break, but she goes on, “I don’t know if you’re ok now, but hold on, please, hold on. I’ll find a solution and in no time you’ll be there with me, ok? Just hold on, Luka. I need you and Joe too… I need… us… hold on…”  

She puts down the bullhorn, she has no words left. She only hopes he has heard her. She only hopes he’s ok.

The policeman is speaking to another agent. They want to act, try to enter. She’s scared. Sandra walks closer to her and pats her shoulder.

The SWAT team is ready. They’re armed and determined. They’re walking towards the house.

Suddenly a shot is heard. Abby starts to tremble. She needs to go in, she needs to see Luka. The policeman is holding her. The SWAT team broke the door. She can’t breathe…

Vi prego, è Pasqua... non lasciate minacce di morte...
Tags: character: abby lockhart, fandom: er, in english please, long fic, long fic: hostage, pairing: luby
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