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[ER] Hostage - Chapter 4: Abby

Auguri donne!


The agent is quite handsome, brown hair and hazel eyes. He has a kind and sympathetic smile.

If Luka had been there, he would have joked with her about the young policeman’s cuteness. He would have faked jealousy only to make her smile. Abby sighs, she’s missing him and she’s worried.

The cop might be cute, but he’s still asking stupid questions.

“So, Kovac… K-O-V-A-C, right?”

“Yeah, is that so important?”

“Miss, I’m just trying to help you”

“Oh right. Comfortably sat there on my couch…”

“Abby, please”

She breathes. Neela is right. She is wasting time, too. Precious time.

“Ok, sorry. This is a picture of him”

While handing him the shot she can’t help but notice how Luka looks good in the picture. He’s smiling, his hair moved by the breeze and his eyes beaming. Happy shot.

“Thanks. Could you tell me something about the car?”

“It was yellow. Untidy. Old. Shrieking brakes. Nothing more. What are you doing to do now?”

Their eyes locks. The cop knows too well that sight. She’s scared. And worried. She needs a solution soon. He can’t help her. He needs time to investigate. He looks at the baby sleeping in her mom’s arms.

“We’ll start looking for the car.  When we’ll find it, and them, we’ll get your boyfriend safe”

Boyfriend. It sounds a little strange to her. Boyfriend. As if they were teenagers. Maybe Luka wasn’t so wrong about all the marriage thing. Boyfriend seems so unimportant, so… she doesn’t like it very much. And she doesn’t like what the agent is saying to her.

“I can’t wait here. I can’t. He needs me. And I need him. He needs to see I’m ok. I’m going with you”, there is no hesitation in her voice. She won’t accept a no as answer. She stands, giving Joe to Neela.

“Stay with him. He should be sleeping for a couple of hours”

“But miss…”

“No. I’m going with you”

“I don’t think this is a good idea. It might be dangerous”

Abby’s getting mad. “Shut up! C’mon, why are you so worried now?”, she turns angrily towards the policeman, “Luka tried more than once to warn you about this Ames guy. He told you he was worried, he told you Ames was following me and his son, he told you he used to pass under our house to spy on us. Wasn’t that enough? Of course you thought it wasn’t. And now…”, she shakes her head sadly, her heart full of pain, “… he took Luka. I won’t stay here waiting for you to do something. I’m coming”

Another policeman entered the room: “Maybe we found the car”

Abby put her jacket on. She has never been so sure and determined in her whole life. “Ok, time to go, then”

Tags: character: abby lockhart, fandom: er, in english please, long fic, long fic: hostage, pairing: luby
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