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[ER] Hostage - Chapter 3: Luka

Buona domenica!
Back to Luka again...





“Sit there and stay silent. I don’t want to hear a single word coming from your mouth, ok?”

There’s an old wood chair in the middle of the room. Luka thinks it’s a kinda creepy and known image; something he must have seen in a movie or must have read in a book. He walks slowly, the gun still pointed against his back. His neck is hurting a little, he can feel his muscles stiffen and tired.

He sits, not knowing what else to do. Ames turns around him and the gun shines when it’s hit by a ray of light. Luka blinks. He hates weapons. Every kind and type.

Ames’s handcuffing him. His action makes Luka grimace a little. The handcuffs are too little for his wrists: Luka can barely feel his fingers.

“You’re hurting, aren’t you? I know, it’s not good losing the sensation in your own hands. Don’t worry, you’ll learn to survive without using your hands”

Luka looks up, his sight searching Ames’s eyes: “I’m a doctor”

Ames bends quickly in front of Luka. Their face are almost touching. Luka notices Ames’s pupils are expanded. Too expanded. “Shut up! I can’t stand your voice! Don’t you want to survive?”

Luka sighs. In any case, he isn’t too optimistic about his future. He goes on: “What did you take?”

Ames’s eyes darts at him. He’s furious, he clearly doesn’t like that Luka isn’t following his orders. He takes the gun again and points it against Luka’s temple. Luka feels cold sweat running down his spine, but he succeeds in staying calm. He doesn’t even flinch. “None of your business!  Shut the Hell up!”

Luka feels the cold metal against his skin. He can’t believe this is happening again. He’s tired. How is it possible he always ends up in these dangerous situations? The absurdity of the reversing events of his life makes him chuckle a little.

“What? Are you laughing? Do you think this is funny ?”

“In a sense. You know, you seem to know me pretty well, but trust me: You can know something, but you’re really far from knowing everything about me and my life”

“I don’t think so. I’ve made some researches about you and your past. I know about your dead children…”

Luka closes his eyes briefly. He can’t give up now. He opens them again: “Ok, but what do you know about Croatia? And Vukovar? And Bosnia? And Congo? And Abby and me? What do you know about the two of us?”

Ames jumps forward very quickly and uses the butt of the gun to hit Luka.

Luka feels a bruise above his  right eyebrow. His blood is warm against his skin.

Ames goes away from him, almost startled, as if he didn’t mean to hurt him. He gives his back to Luka.

“Seen? You know something about me. But you know what? The things which happened to me are not who I am. They’re part of me, but I’m something more. I’m much more than that”

He stops there. He licks his lips nervously, tasting sweat and blood. Its metallic taste makes his stomach lurch a little. Ames is now looking at him, his eyes wide and almost scared. He sits down, few meters away from Luka. He puts carefully the gun aside him. Silence fills the room. Luka’s feeling uneasy.

“What are we doing now?”

“We’ll wait”


“I don’t know. But we’ll wait”

Luka closes his eyes again. He needs to get a permanent contact with Ames or he won’t pull through.


Tags: character: curtis ames, character: luka kovac, fandom: er, in english please, long fic, long fic: hostage, pairing: luby
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