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[ER] Hostage - Chapter 2: Abby

Per la gioia di qualcuno non pianto le cose a metà.
Anche se non riprendo esattamente da dove ero rimasta...(inserire risata malvagia)
Spero possa andare e che sia comprensibile.
Happy Reading!


She’s screaming in the phone. Panicked.

“Frank, please! He got Luka!”

The desk clerk is trying to understand her words. Never witnessed a so hysterical Abby. She always seems so unemotional.

“Who’s on the phone?”

“Lockhart. She’s saying somethin' about Luka. I can’t understand a word. Really”

Neela takes the phone resolutely.


“Neela? Oh Neela…”, she’s sobbing now, in despair. Joe is crying too, his little head buried on her neck. He can feel her fear. He’s sharing her fear.

“Abby? What’s happened?”

“He got him!”

“Who? Abby, what are you talking about?”

Ames! He…took…took…Luka…oh, my…”, she’s stumbling in her words. She can’t recall a moment when she has been equally scared and helpless.

“Neela, please, let me talk to Frank. He still has friends among cops”

Neela reflects, numb. Pratt in jail and Luka being kidnapped. How is that possible?

“Honey, I’m coming there. You shouldn’t be alone”

“I should be with Luka”

“Call the police. It’s all you can do”

Abby falls silent. Neela waits. She knows what her friend’s going to say.

“I can’t. Ames said he will…hurt Luka if I call the police. Neela…I can’t, I can’t”, Abby is starting to hyperventilate. Joe is still whimpering against her ear.

“Abby, take a deep breath. I’ll be there as soon as possible. Stay calm. We’re going to find a solution, ok?”

“I’m scared”

“I know”

Silence again. Abby hangs up. The house is still, lifeless. Joe seems quieter now. He’s sucking his thumb, his big eyes fixed on Abby, studying her face.

Abby sits on the couch. She looks at the watch. Forty-five minutes only have passed since the moment when Ames disappeared with Luka. Forty-five minutes. It seems a lifetime to her. She sighs. She’s feeling a little angry now. Her Luka. They belong together. She wants him back. Now.   


Tags: character: abby lockhart, fandom: er, in english please, long fic, long fic: hostage, pairing: luby
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