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December 2018



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[ER] - A Different Christmas

Titolo: A Different Christmas
Fandom: ER Medici in prima linea
Personaggi: Luka Kovac/Abby Lockhart, Joe Kovac
Set In time: Natale stagione 15, quindi SPOILER! Non leggete se non volete sapere cosa è successo dopo la fine della 13.
Disclaimer: I personaggi usati non sono miei e io non ci guadagno nulla.
Note:  Fiction scritta per la Christmas Challenge di un forum americano.
Questi i termini della sfida: 
- Natale 2009
- La storia può essere ambietata a Boston o a Chicago
- Nella storia ci devono essere: una palla di vetro (snowglobe); una bussola; delle decorazioni natalizie; un elemento di Babbo Natale
 One-shot; fiction in inglese

Si va? Ah, naturalmente, non ho vinto la sfida...



Abby sighed sadly. She felt she was about to broke another promise and it was no good. She hated disappointing Luka, but it seemed there wasn't any alternative.

It was almost unbelievable. They had been in Boston for months, but they still had lots of boxes to unpack. Tha fact was that they were too much into their new jobs, Joe and each other. No time left to unpack. And now, rummaging through the boxes she knew she shouldn't have promised Luka to decorate the house for Christmas. In fact their Christmas items seemed disappeared.

She sighed again. She had planned to spend the evening with her two men in front of the tree and she wasn't able to find anything.

At that moment one of the two forementioned men toddled into the living room, chatting happily about something.


She looked at him briefly.

"Yeah, baby?"

Joe's attention was immediately captured by some of the objects scattered on the carpet. He quickly reached for one among them.

"Mama, look!"

Abby smiled softly, kneeling next to him. She stroked his hair.


Joe's joy was almost contagious. He was grinning while little snow flakes fell on the little palstic town inside the globe.

"That's right, Joe. That's snow"

He handled her the snowglobe and she was eager to take it. She studied it, overwhelmed by a lots of memories. The night he told her he was missing her, the night she told him she was pregnant. Every time there was a snowglobe between them.

"Mama, again!"

She turned the snowglobe for her baby, listening to his happy cries. Then, she handled the globe back to Joe, determined to find the decorations.

But, suddenly, another object stopped her: It was a compass and she couldn't help but smiling. Luka hasn't trown it away. He obviously thought they could still find each others. Abby picked it up, stood and walked toward the window. She stared into Boston skyline for a while, lost in thoughts.

Then she realized: They didn't need the decorations. Wasn't love the most important thing during Christmas? Well, they had tons of love. And faith.

She went back to Joe, scooped him up, whispering:

"C'mon. Now, we're going to have a cup of hot chocolate, and then, when tata will be home, will tell him how much we love him"

Joe just repeated the words he knew: "Tata... chocolate... home... love"

A couple of hours later Luka walked tiredly into their apartement. It has been one of those days and all he needed were his family and his couch. He put the keys down and then frowned: No Christmas decorations. No coloured lights, no candles, no misteltoe, no tree. Nothing. He started to worry while going upstairs. His breath was sharp 'till he saw Abby and Joe laying lazily on the bed.

"Hey", she greeted him quietly.

He came closer and bent down to kiss her: "Eberything ok?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Our house looks like the Grinch's home. Where are all the decorations?"

She smiled, standing. Luka's hands went immediately behind her back, pulling her as close as possible. She looked upwards, meeting his eyes: "I think we have all we need"

She punctuated her words with light pecks on his lips: "We have love"

She kissed him again.

"And devotion"

And again.

"And hope"

And again.

He grinned at her, somewhat satisfied: "You've made a point, but a little Christmas tree, maybe? We need a place where we can put Christmas presents"

"Ah, the presents! Now I understand why you're wearing this, Santa", she touched the Santa hat he was wearing.

"Exactly. Will you think at it? Joe'll be thrilled"

They glanced at the baby, sleeping peacefully on the bed.

Then, Abby looked back at her husband: "I love you, you know?"

"I love you too. And let me say this: Even if this Christmas will be a little unusual, it'll be one of the best Christmas of my life"


Guarda, stasera avevo proprio voglia di leggere! :) Mi è piaciuta, molto lieve, e romantica ma... non troppo. Io che odio le scene mielose, mi devi credere! Mi piace come scrivi in inglese, tantissssssssimo. :)
Grazie per le belle parole! Sono contenta che ti sia piaciuta... Io cerco di fare sempre del mio meglio! Thank you so much!
Ma dove le trovi tutte quelle belle icon?
Questa me la sono fatta io personalmente! La frase l'ho scritta io, mentre l'idea di farci un'icona è venuta dalla mia amica dubenkomane da UK. ^_^
Tenerissima!Mi ha emozionata!!!Loro si che conoscono il vero significato del natale! Grazie Cookie!
Prego! Grazie per il commento.
Questa storia dimostra che anche io so sivere cose tenere. Una volta all'anno, però lo so fare anch'io!
che tenerezza... Anche se letta in aprile mantiene intatto tutto il suo spirito natalizio!
Mi sembra ingiusto che tu non abbia vinto la sfida, era sicuramente la storia migliore!
Grazie per essere tornata indietro a leggere. E per le belle parole. Fidati, non era la migliore. Non lo è mai.