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[ER] Hostage - Chapter 1: Luka

Titolo: Hostage
Fandom: ER
Personaggi: Luka Kovac, Abby Lockhart, Curtis Ames
Coppia: Luka Kovac/Abby Lockhart
Rating: T (ho sempre paura di mettere il rating errato...)
Disclaimer: I personaggi non sono miei, ma appartengono a Crichton & co. Fiction non scritta per fini di lucro.
Note: Fiction in inglese. Long Fic. 

Allora, finalmente Murmurs Of The Heart è andato in onda, permettendomi di postare la mia versione della cosa. 
Long-fic scritta almeno un anno fa, dopo aver letto i primi spoiler su un sito americano.
Spero vi piaccia.




Luka can’t believe it is happening to him. Again.

Shit, shit, shit.

“At the light, turn to left”

Quick glance in the rear mirror. Ames’s eyes are cold and distant.

Luka knows he has to play right. Ames is not kidding.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

“Stop the car, here we are”

Luka observes the house in front of him. It’s closed, all windows obscured with wood boards.

Abandoned house. Luka frowns. He’s a little scared now.

“Get out, now!”

Ames is pointing a gun at him. Luka opens the car door and walks, his back at Ames. No escape, then.

“This was my house. Where we used to be happy”


“Shut up! I don’t need to listen to you. Walk fast and open the door”

Luka tries to open it, but it’s blocked.

He hesitates, his hand still brushing the doorknob. He’d like to say something, but he doesn’t dare. Ames is a dark shadow behind him. He can feel his hot breathe on his neck. Luka gulps trying to remain as calm as possible. He thinks at Abby and Joe: At least they’re safe.

“Don’t tell me that a built and healthy man like you isn’t able to open a blocked door”

Luka eyes Ames.

“Crack it. We must go in. No discussion. Listen, you’ll better do whatever I’ll say, ok?”

Luka feels the gun barrel against his back.

He sighs deeply. This isn’t going to end well.





Tags: character: curtis ames, character: luka kovac, fandom: er, in english please, long fic, long fic: hostage, pairing: luby
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