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December 2018



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dear son

[ER] - Dear Son - Letter 16

Siamo quasi alla fine... sigh...
Buona lettura.

Dear Gabriel,


I’m so glad I’m here today. I’m so glad I’m your father.


You’re in the other room speaking to your mom. She’s giving you her last advices. Mom’s advices, they’re the best ones, you know? I’m not able to say anything to you, I’m just too emotional today.


Baby, can you realize it? You’re getting married! I caught a glimpse of you a while ago and I was amazed by your image: You look so beautiful and elegant in your grey suit. Perfect. You look like me when I married Danijela. The same eyes, the same expression… I know you’re a little worried, but you don’t have to. You’ll be a wonderful husband. Your Julia will help you with that. She’s a great woman (just like mom) and she loves you so much. I was right when I told you she was the right girl.


Marriage… it’s a great change, you know? At first you’re one, deciding for yourself, then you’re two. And it’s not always easy. Time ago, one of my former coworkers, Mark Greene - no, you didn’t meet him, unluckily he died before you were born, said: “Compromise is the soul of marriage”. You know what? He was right. That may not be very romantic, but it’s the reality. You can love your wife as much as you can, but you’ll have to be ready to take a step back when necessary. Julia will remain a separate person and she’ll have her ideas about things. Listen to her and if you two are disagreeing, take a deep breath, and look for a solution together. Work together on things. Don’t let her down or don’t let her alone. I know well how stubborn you can be (hey, you have mine and your mom’s genes!) and so I hope you’ll learn behaving with her. She doesn’t deserve an immature kid masked as a husband, ok? Because you know, one day you’ll have some children (soon, I hope, I can’t wait to be a grandfather… but no pressure, baby, no pressure) and you’ll have to behave like a dad. But it’s still to soon to speak about that… she’s not pregnant, is she? No, I can tell she’s not. You’re a good responsible boy and I’m so proud you’re my son. 


I’ve been married two times and I’ve loved each time. If I could go back, I’d everything again. I think marriage is the most perfect way to show how much you love someone. It’s not something legal, it’s the way you use to connect yourself to another person. You’ll get married in a Church. God will be there, witnessing your love. As if He’ll give His ok to your choose. That’s great, isn’t it? And it’s a little scary too, I know.


Look at you, baby, just look at you. You’re so beautiful. It’s time to go now. Good luck, Gabriel.


… … … … … … … … …


Oh my, what a beautiful day! Everything went perfectly. Julia was touched and beautiful… she cried a little during the ring moment, but I think it was something you could expect. You know what? I cried too. And your mom, yeah, she followed me. And I’m a little sorry: I was looking at her while you were giving the ring to Julia. I couldn’t help but stare into her eyes. You mom, she’s still amazing me and she’s still so beautiful to me. She uses to complain about her wrinkles, her less slender figure, but she’s so beautiful to me. Just like the day I met her. Her eyes, their light. That has never changed.


But sorry, I was talking about you and Julia. Your wedding. So, how’re you feeling? It’s different, I know. I’m proud, I’ve already said it, but I’m proud.


I have to go now. Your mom needs to be comforted tonight. After all, in  a way, she lost her child. She will have to deal with the idea of living only with me. It won’t be easy for a while, she still sees you as her little baby and now, look at you, you’re a man, a married man and you have your own life in front of you. I’m scared, but I’ll survive, I guess. So much time from that awkward day when you were born. I still can’t believe it. I couldn’t imagine anything more beautiful for you.


I’m proud you’re my son. And I love you. You’re the most precious gift life gave me. I love you. Ok, I’m writing no sense here. I should stop. Maybe I need to be comforted too.


I love you, baby.

Your Tata

Felici? Tristi? Commossi?


sigh sigh

Come sempre mi sono emozionata...Quante dovrebbero essere le lettere?Non lo ricordo più...Non riesco a vedere Luka ed Abby diventare nonni...Per me loro sono e resteranno sempre giovani!!!Quindi se esiste un'altra lettera in cui racconti la nascita del loro nipotino,farò un certa fatica ad accettarla!!!
"Evviva gli sposi!"

Re: sigh sigh

Le lettere sono in tutto 17. -1 all'alba, quindi...
Anche io tendo a vedere Luka e Abby sempre e solo giovani, ma che ci vuoi fare, Gabriel cresce. Potessi fare come con i miei Sims e bloccare la vecchiaia lo farei, ma non posso!
Comunque, grazie come sempre!
Che lettera dolce e carina. C'era dentro tanto amore e soprattutto tanto orgoglio.
Mi sono piaciuti molto l'accenno a Danijela (tutti si dimenticano di lei! Tranne te, ovvio), Luka che guarda Abby mentre gli sposi si scambiano gli anelli e Abby che è sconsolata per la "perdita" del figlio.
Sono commossa, spero che arrivi presto la terza generazione Kovac in America!
Come posso dimenticarmi di Danijela? E' quasi sempre una fonte certa di angst!
Abby, alla fine, è diventata una mamma come le altre e quindi non sopporta la partenza del suo bambino.
Commossa? Wow!