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December 2018



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[CSI: NY] - Still Loving You

Titolo: Still Loving You

Fandom: CSI: NY

Personaggi: Don Flack

Pairing: Flack/Angell

Rating: Verde

Set In Time: oggi, 20 maggio 2013

Disclaimer: no dai, davvero... fossero miei, non avrei mai cancellato la serie, tanto per dire.

Suddenly, he felt it. A breeze shaking the world around him. He stopped in his tracks, looking around almost suspiciously. Nothing and nobody. Though he had felt it. He shrugged, trying to forget the weird sensation which was still lingering. He failed. He took another quick glance behind him. Then he stared at the sky, without a reason. It was a cloudy day, so unlikely May with the temperature still too low. But there was a thin strip in the bluest of the skies just above his head. Rays of sun were fighting to break the dark clouds.
Even in the saddest of the days... he silently mused. Then he felt it again: the warm breeze, blowing around and diffusing the sweetest perfume ever. He suddenly smiled, an action he thought he was unable to do in a day like that. He briefly closed his eyes and when he opened them it seemed the sky was staring directly at him.
"Hi, Jess... still loving you...", the words escaped his mouth quietly.
Hi, Don, he was sure the wind was whispering, I feel the same... and you know it.
After four years he was still missing her. Though, that was the first time it didn't hurt like hell thinking at her. He was glad she had been in his life. Glad. And lucky. And yet, he realized, she was still there, enclosed in his heart, like a precious gem. He smiled again, feeling the wetness building in his eyes. The wind, tenderly, wiped his tears and, like a quiet pray of reassurance, went on blowing around him, holding, protecting and loving him.