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[ER] - Dear Son - Letter 9

Skurni, dear: lo so, ho infranto la promessa che avevo fatto su Psychiatric Ward a proposito di I Don't. Ma che ci vuoi fare? Questa lettera è stata scritta prima del matrimonio televisivo. Potrai mai perdonarmi? Non ho avuto la forza di cambiare un capitolo intero. E poi, ecco, non è colpa mia se sono così lungimirante.

Buona lettura a tutti.

Dear Gabriel,
today it’s the day we celebrate the “legal” born of our family!

Your mom has finally realized that marrying me was not a bad idea at all. So, here
we are: Mr and Mrs Kovac (she decided taking my name too. I’m glad about this.
I don’t think I like her going on using Richard’s name... ok, I’m chauvinistic,
but I can’t help it, she’s my wife, ok?)

The wedding was beautiful. Few guests but a lot of love and support. You know
what? Only the people who came knew we were going to get married. We kept it
like a secret because we wanted it to be as intimate as possible. We didn’t
want (or need) to listen to all people’s comments. We wanted to be alone. We
love each other and we didn’t need people trying to ruin this.

So, I promised you I’d tell you how I fell in love with mom. It’s not an easy –
going story, even if I know you have already imagined it.

We met on January 2000. She was still a med student (still married I think...)
and I was... errr... not really myself. Ok, I never smiled, never played jokes,
almost never talked. I was like a zombie, somehow. We were in trauma two
speaking about a patient and at the end, before I left the room, she smiled at
me. It was a kind of shy smile but it hit me. Weird, huh? I remember that at
night her smile was the last thing I had in mind before sleeping. Even weirder,
huh? So, she started working inside of me.

We started a professional relationship, something not too deep, but it worked.
And you can understand why I was rather shocked yet pleased when she kissed me
out- of- nowhere while we were having a break. I asked her out, and we had fun
but then something bad, and I mean really bad, happened. I don’t want to talk
about that, I’m speaking only about love and joy, ok? After that night we
started seeing each other but the timing was wrong. She had her problems, I had
mine, and we didn’t want to share them. I wonder sometimes we were like two
strangers sleeping in the same bed (I warn you there: I don’t want you to use
sex like something unimportant, ok? Think a lot before acting!). At the end, as
you can guess, we broke up and it was a terrible broke-up. We hurt each other
badly and I know your Oedipal Complex is suggesting to hate me because I
dared to hurt your mother but there’s no need. I hated myself for that and I
still hate myself. She didn’t deserve that, don’t be too severe with your dad.
She had other relationships and I did the same too. I passed through an awkward period but I
survived. You know what? We weren’t together but I felt as if we were. She was
still looking for me, I still cared about her. We didn’t realize it until two
years ago. Maybe the intensity of our feelings was scaring us, I really don’t
know. But during a sad night her eyes found mine, my lips found hers and... the moment
was perfect. Absolutely perfect. No fear, no doubts, no secrets. We
were really together and it was how it was meant to be. A perfect relationship.
And of course you’re the perfect result. At first the news of you let us a
little shocked, but I was already in love with you. And your mother too, I’m
sure. She only needed a little time to realize it.

So, the rest is history. There are still a lot of details but I don’t want to
bother you. The only important thing is that we love each other and I thank God
every day for the precious gifts He gave me: your beautiful mom and you, my
little perfect angel.

I love you, baby.
Your Tata

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