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[ER] - Dear Son - Letter 7

Dear Gabriel,

Your mom loves me! Ok, I’ve already known for a long time, but she said it aloud for the first time. And I know it’s more important to show you’re in love than to say it but at the moment  I don’t care. I really don’t care. I’ve been waiting for that moment for too long.


Could you keep a secret? Of course you can, you aren’t still able to talk. When I was in Congo... wait, what’s that look? Congo, Croatia, Bosnia... I’m full of surprises, am not I? I’m not one of those boring fathers who only watch television sitting on their couches. By the way, as I was saying, when I was in Congo your mom and I weren’t together, she was having a relationship with someone else, but during that trip I realized I loved her. I was admiring the sky so full of stars, there were no noises and I was alone. The stars were so beautiful. Suddenly I felt sad that she couldn’t see what I was looking at. I mean, I felt really sad, it made me cry.


I suddenly realized I had a dream. I was a little shocked considering that I couldn’t remember last time I had a dream. Well, it wasn’t a good period for me. Can’t you understand what I was hoping for? I was hoping your mom would come to me (in Congo, yeah... I know it’s crazy...), would hold my hands, would look into my eyes and would say “I love you”. I’m nut, you know? We weren’t even together and...


Luckily this happened tonight and I’m the happiest man alive. She found the courage to do it. I think the place helped her. You know, the sea, the stars, the sweet marine scent. I don’t care what it was but it worked. And of course I said “I love you” too. There’s no need to specify it, isn’t there?


So, seen my Croatia? Seen my streets, my corners and all other things? It’s different from America, isn’t it? I think it’s more human, but maybe it’s just my impression considering that I’m missing it so much. And this house? It’s where I grew up, where I was supposed to pass the rest of my life. My father gave a part of it to me and to my family. You know old – fashioned family, we’d like to live close, same house for as much generations as possible. But then war changed all that. Don’t think I don’t want to live in America; I do want to stay in Chicago with you and your mom, but this place will remain my house. Your mom understood it (she’s a great woman) and said this will be a beautiful home for our holidays. She’s right, I guess. Your mom would like to spend some time in here. She knows this will be important not only for me but for you too. After all this is the place where a part of you belongs.


Your mom... she’s always so supportive and helpful during my stressing periods. And tonight she made everything perfect. Her hand in mine and the moon coming out from the clouds. A perfect romantic image.


She loves me, she really does.


Love, it is the most meaningful thing in life. Being loved by the people you love is the most meaningful thing in life.


She’ll be always there, you know? I can say it from the way she looked at me tonight, from the way she put her head on my chest.


Gabriel, I’m a lucky man. I’m loved.


I hope you’ll find a woman who can love you the way your mom’s loving me. It’s a great feeling. And I hope this woman will be as amazing as your mom.  


I know you still have time for this, so I think that for now you should be happy with the love your mom and I can give you. You’re still too young for women...


I love you, baby.

Your Tata

Tags: character: luka kovac, fandom: er, in english please, long fic, long fic: dear son, pairing: luby
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