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[ER] Hostage - Chapter 5: Luka

Buon ER a tutti!




The light outside is darker, night is going to arrive soon.

Luka sighs discomforted. Ames seems lost in his own thoughts, the gun still lying at his side.

He tries to stretch his fingers and a sharp pain runs trough his arms and shoulders. His blood circulation isn’t so good; he needs to free himself. He wants to free himself.


The other man’s eyes move slowly on him. The void they hold shocks Luka.

“Why are you doing this? Why me?”

“Can’t you guess? Your fault, it’s your fault… I’m a poor invalid man. And you caused this”

“I don’t think so”, he stops, a little breathlessly. His head is pounding and his right eyebrow is itching.

“You are uneasy, aren’t you? I should say I’m sorry, but I’m not. Just the way you are not sorry of what you did to me”

Luka closes his eyes.

“We were happy. A very happy family. Love, joy and happiness. Every morning I brought my children to school and Sandra went to pick them up. Every day the same routine. But it wasn’t boring or annoying… I liked it. And now… everything has disappeared”, Ames’s eyes are changed, now. They're bloodshot, angry, full of fury.

Ames, you can’t really think your wife stopped loving you because of your arm”

“So simple, huh? If I cut your fingers, your Abby will love you still?”

“Of course”, no hesitation.

“Are you sure?”

They’re looking into each other’s eyes now, “Yes”

“You know everything, don’t you? You lived trough pain and sorrow and you’re still there”

“I want to be”

“I don’t think you deserve it. You’re supposed to heal people not to harm them”

Ames stands slowly, picking the gun. He’s still mad. Luka counts the steps which are separating them. In a slow motion Ames is next to him. Luka can only focus on his gun. Ames raises it and holds it in front of Luka’s eyes. “Just a little movement of my finger and you’ll be dead… you know?”

Luka is shivering slightly, gulping nervously. Breathing is hard. He wants to be everywhere but there. He wants to survive.

“But this will be too simple… I don’t want simple, I want you to suffer”, the gun is again away from his face, away from his stare. Ames is giving his back to Luka. He doesn’t like the situation. A new feeling is rising inside him. He’s scared, really scared, and nervous. He can’t see Ames's expression, but the man is smiling now, a curt grin which reveals only cruelty.

The strange feeling is growing  inside Luka and it’s in his throat now. He needs to vomit. He tries to breathe deeply, but nothing seems to change. He can feel Ames meanness, it’s permeating the room.

Time is immobile. Ames suddenly jumps back and points again the gun at Luka’s temple. It’s the end, Luka knows it.

“Maybe I changed my mind… maybe this world will thank me if I’ll get rid of you soon”

Luka raises his eyes. They’re big, glistering with tears and never been so beautiful and meaningful.

Ames stares at him for a while. He doesn’t seem so secure anymore. He shrugs, trying to avert his eyes from Luka’s. He loads the gun. Luka’s still staring at him, if he’s going to die, he will die looking into his jailer’s eyes. No blinking, just staring.

The gun is ready. Luka is thinking at Abby and Joe. And in this moment a siren resounds outside the window.

“Mr Ames, it’s the police. We know you’re here!”  

Sì, e adesso odiatemi pure... 

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